Meet The Band

We are a 6 piece Ska band covering Madness, The Specials, Bad Manners, And Trojan. Available for pubs, clubs and private parties. The band consists of

Vocals - Mike (Buster), Guitar - Chris 'Kung Fu' Ayres, Bass - Mr C, Sax - Gaz (Compo), Keys - Dicky Ace,

Drums - Pecker

Check them out below

Mike - Buster (Vocals)

Mike has been with the band since 2015.

He recently declared that 'it's all about him' and that 'he is the driving force behind everything they do'!! You can normally find him at a gig climbing on tables and the bar to sing, occasionally falling off and injuring himself!! (please speak to him about his gig related injuries)

Steve - MrC (Bass)

Steve is one of the founding members of the 2 Tone All Ska's.

This is a rare picture of Steve smiling, If you have seen us play before then you will know that he is normally as miserable as sin. He will also bite you if you try and speak to him!!

Gaz - Compo (Sax)

Gaz is the other founding member of the 2 Tone All Ska's.

You can normally find Gaz at gigs either in the local Chip Shop or looking through the bins for something to eat. He is known as the Magpie with the guys because if he sees something he likes in your hand (Drink, Cigarette, Food) he will take it from you quicker than a seagull stealing your chips on Brighton Pier!!

Chris - KungFu (Guitar)

Chris is the newest member of the band and has been quite adequate since joining.

He got his name 'KungFu Chris' by once kicking someone in the face at a gig while playing, as the person was messing with his 'equipment' during the performance. You can often find him trying to make up time as he is ALWAYS LATE!!

Greig - Pecker (Drums)

Greig is a professional drummer and is formally from a Brit Award nominated band called The Guillemots.

He is the master of sniffing out a bag of Bombay Mix as 300 yards!! While writing this bio we googled his time with The Guillemots and found lots of images on Google which are just too too funny. Have a look for yourselves!!

Rich - Dickie Ace (Keys)

Richard is the true leader of the band (no matter how much he would disagree).

Its very difficult to write something defamatory about someone who is genuinely really nice (doesn't it make you sick!!). The only thing we can say is that no matter how hard anybody tries, YOU will NEVER EVER get him singing.......not even miming.....sort it out Mr Ace.

Fact or Fiction??

Learn a bit more about us by finding out the answers to these questions:

Mike was lucky enough to sing with the cast of Les Miserable?

Steve once offered his services for a charity advent calendar to show off his Christmas Puds?

Gaz owns 3 motorbikes and also a house on the Isle of Wight?

Chris owns a Black Belt in KungFu?

Greig once played on a beach in Brazil in just his shorts whilst in the Sea?

Richard was once a deputy headmaster of a school?

To find out the answers then please come and chat to us at at gigs to find out if it is Fact or Fiction!